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PET is a thermoplastic polymer from the polyester family. It is a polymer that is formed by combining ethylene glycol & purified terephthalic acid or dimethylene phthalate. PET sheet as a packaging material increases aesthetic appearance & enhances quality with respect to life,strength & finishing.

We can offer varieties of PET sheets ,clear,opaque & coloured ,to meet your regular as well as customized requirements. The sheets are available in roll form as well as cut length form.

These are virgin grade premium quality monolayer PET sheets. Applications include general packaging,dairy products,thermoforming & food packaging applications.They are also suitable for different printing techniques like UV, offset & flexo printing.

RPET is a monolayer sheet which is produced using 100% post consumer washed PET flakes. Its features include excellent transparency,better barrier properties & stretchability, zero migration into packed food,etc.  It is an economical replacement of PVC sheets for thermoforming & blister packaging,with a wide range of applications in both institutional & commercial display packing.

It is a safe and sustainable  packaging solution to preserve environment .

Monolayer PETG sheet has outstanding thermoforming characteristics for applications that require deep draws & complex die cuts without sacrificing structural integrity.Further,PETG sheets do not require pre-drying before thermoforming process. It is widely used for signs & graphic holders,POP & advertisement display product & table top displays.

MPET sheet has a very thin coating of Aluminum that is vacuum-deposited onto the surface, thus giving a bright & shiny mirror finish. Metallized PET sheet is also an ideal solution for packaging where improved gas & water vapor barrier properties, & preservation of aroma & flavor are an important criteria.  This product is well suited in a variety of decorative applications including packaging of confectionery & chocolates.

It is a co-extruded three layer structure where in RPET is used in middle layer ,& APET is used in outer & inner layer.Applications include thermoforming & vacuum forming  of blister packing & clamshells for packaging of food,pharma,consumer & electronics products.

It is a co-extruded three layer sheet using APET in middle layer & GPET in outer & inner layer. As compared to APET sheets,GAG PET sheets have better printing & adhesion properties,thanks to PETG surface layers. It supports easy vacuumforming & bending with heat process, & allows operations like punching. It is best suited for interior decoration of stores,signboards/ displays, POP advertisement,etc.

GRG PET sheet has a co-extruded three layer structure with RPET in middle layer, & PETG in outer & inner layer.

Sheet Specifications

Thickness : 0.1 mm – 1.5 mm 
Width : Up to 710 mm
Colour : Clear, Opaque, Tranluscent, Metallized
Form : Roll Form & Cut Length
Specific Requirements : Silicone Coating (De-nesting), Antiblock Properties, Antifog Properties, Corona Treated.
Surface finish : Gloss / Gloss, Matt / Gloss, Matt / Matt

Key Benefits of Our PET Sheets

  • Excellent transparency & gloss
  • Excellent thickness control
  • Excellent barrier properties to gas,moisture & water vapour
  • High toughness, stiffness & impact resistance. High strength to weight ratio
  • Non toxic & non odour. Approved food contact
  • Environmental friendly
  • Excellent resistance to oil, fat & chemicals
  • Resist Gama rays sterilization
  • Excellent thermo formability
  • Very good cold crack resistance, suitable for cold climate countries
  • Very good resistance to scratches