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At Fortune Pet Pack,we have state  of the art in-house thermoforming facility to produce punnets.

Punnets provide storage methods which are suitable for all aspects of current supply chain of fruits & vegetables. Fortune’s PET punnets with precise construction ensure packaging which is highly durable & effective. The PET material assures best product safety throughout the supply chain. It offers superb transparency, making the content perfectly visible & attractive to consumers. Integrated air holes allow faster cooling & improved air circulation to give longer product shelf life. Labels with printed barcodes or product information can easily be applied to the lid.

Ideal for

  • Fruits such as grapes,red plums,white dates
  • Vegetables such as tomatoes,baby corn
  • Mushrooms

500 gm Punnet :

size : 187 mm Length x 117 mm Width x 85 mm Height

Average weight : 21 -23 gm